IraqCom is the proud owner of the first electronic medical journal implemented in Iraq. The EMR system, Iraqmedico, offers a rational workflow which saves time and eliminate unnecessary workflow duplications. All while providing a secure, efficient and reliable way to handle electronic medical records.

  • Provides detailed information about patient demographics
  • Advanced module for patient scheduling that supports multiple facilities and appointment notification via email and SMS for the patients
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with comprehensive information that covers encounters, medications, immunizations, graphical charting, labs, procedures, referrals and much more
  • Prescriptions module that covers online drug search, tracking patient prescriptions and medications, creating and sending prescriptions and support for in-house pharmacy dispensary
  • Medical billing module with flexible system of coding CPT, HCPCS, ICD9, ICD10 and SNOMED codes, and the ability to add others. Support for electronic billing and insurance eligibility and tracking.
  • Patient Portal with access to reports, labs, medical problems, medications, allergies, appointments.
  • Reports module that includes: Appointments, Patient Lists, Prescriptions and Drug Dispensing, Referrals, Immunizations Clinical Measure Calculations, Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) Calculations, Automated Measure Calculations (AMC) and Tracking, Syndromic Surveillance, Pending Procedure Orders, Ordered Procedure Statistics, Paper Chart Tracking, Sales, Collections, Insurance Distributions and Insurance Eligibility
  • Multi-language support
  • Security: All patient records are encrypted and stored safely. The system also supports fine-grained per-user access controls.

Iraqmedico EMR

ClientIn-house developmentServicesProvided as a SaaSTechnologiesLAMP based systemYear2014LinkNA

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