Faruk Medical City is built on 70,000 square meters, a large-scale specification that allows them to accept a considerable number of patients and serve them in a professional and sophisticated environment.

From the very first building blocks, all of the architects, designers, and organizers used the highest standards and quality in the construction of Faruk Medical City, which boasts an advanced antibacterial sterilization system and helipads for medical helicopters to transfer patients in case of emergency. In order to maintain the same level of standards within it’s IT sector, FMC brought IraqCom in to take care of their IT infrastructure.

IraqCom has implemented the passive and active enterprise network and system infrastructure based on HP networking technology and wiFi with 370 access points and 100 switches. IP telephony was implemented based on Cisco technologies. Advanced system and storage solutions was implemented based on HP 3Par, server and MAS servers and storage for the hospital management system, data and remote management as well as VMware virtualization technologies.

What we did:
  • Complete network solution from design and architecture to installation and configuration
  • Active network with CISCO and HP Cordswitch
  • MAS HP Medical archiving solution
  • Security and firewall
  • CISCO's unified communication - IP Telephony

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