Asiacell is the leading telecom company in Iraq with over 12 million subscribers across the country. The company is the first mobile telecommunication provider to achieve nationwide coverage in the country, offering its services across the country’s 18 governorates, including Baghdad and all other major Iraqi cities.

The Asiacell Plus application provides the users with a platform which gathers all the subscription services offered by Asiacell under one place. The application includes over 800 services from a variety of categories such as entertainment, sports, news etc., all gathered in a beautifully designed and easy to use application.

  • All +800 services gathered in one application under different categories.
  • Users can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to any service.
  • Get the latest offers and news with Push-Notifications, never miss a great deal again!
  • The application is available in English, Arabic and Kurdish.

The Process

Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) can be defined as beneficial mobile services that are offered by mobile service providers apart from the voice communication services. Asiacell as a telecom operator provides its users with a vast amount of VAS that fall under several categories, such as News, Sports, Horoscope, Games etc. These services utlizies different types of technologies such as SMS, MMS, WAP, apps, CRBT and more.

Before the release of Asiacell Plus, users had to browse through Excel sheets in order to find the services they are interested in. Needless to say, the discovery and acquisition process was not optimized.

After understanding the business requirements, our UX engineer started on prototyping the best way to present 800 services to the users.

We at IraqCom value the benefits of low-fidelity prototyping, mainly due to the honest and overall better feedback that it generates. Not to mention making A/B testing easier and reducing the costs of change.

During the course of the project, our prototypes developed from low-fidelity prototypes on paper, into interactive high-fidelity prototypes using Photoshop and InVision. This saved a lot of time for both us and the client. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.

TV advertisement in Arabic for the Asiacell Plus app, the ad was aired on several Arabic channels; a Kurdish version was aired to the Kurdish audience as well.

Our busiest day was on 31-Dec-2016, we had an influx of 5846 users browsing through 98161 services, yet only consuming 3,21 GB. This is thanks to pngquant that uses a combination of vector quantization algorithms with a unique adaptive dithering algorithm, in order to compress the images with no noticeable quality loss.

After doing the math, without this compression our bandwidth consumption would increase by 83% !

Our busiest day:




Services browsed


Bandwidth cons.

Withins a few months of its release, the apps hit over 30,000 downloads and hundreds of daily active users; with that, the Asiacell Plus has achieved its goal to simplify and maximise user acquisition for Asiacell’s VAS. 


Downloads and counting!

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