IraqCom has attended GITEX 2015 the annual information technology exhibition held in Dubai, to stay up to date with the latest technologies, share our experiences and gain knowledge from others.

GITEX Technology Week is one of the largest trading events in Dubai, it is a gateway for global brands to access the Middle East, one of the fastest emerging investment ready Information, and Communications Technology (ICT) market. Over 1,000 media outlets from around the world gather in this annual event.

Digirobotics, a robotics company based in Dubai, presented their impressive chess-playing robot that was undefeated throughout the whole event, until our Senior Manager Haval Majeed played against it. In a thrilling show with cheering crowds, Haval managed to beat the robot not only once, but three times.

In the event of robot world takeover, IraqCom can feel safe knowing our Senior Manager is here to defeat the Terminator. IraqCom 3 – 0 Skynet.