In Sulaymaniyah Province, the opening ceremony of the Bit 23 Technology and Green Environment Festival was successfully held (June 20 – 23, 2023).

The festival revolves around the captivating theme of “The Future for Technology and the Green Environment” and offers a diverse range of engaging activities. Notably, our company proudly served as a Diamond Sponsor, alongside the sponsorship from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office.

Throughout the festival, attendees had the opportunity to actively participate in a variety of workshops and panels that focused on the technological and environmental prospects of Kurdistan. Additionally, young entrepreneurs had the chance to showcase their innovative businesses, with over 20 ventures being featured.

The Sulaymaniyah Cultural Factory served as the festival’s host venue, and the festivities span an exciting duration of five days. All individuals interested in the event were warmly invited to participate and be a part of this enriching experience.